Bad Pub – Bar Open

The beer tastes like vegemite and its really expensive. Okay, I know this blog is called GOOD pubs for beer but I feel like its my public duty to express my dislike for this venue. A far as bad pubs go, this one isn’t the worst but theres just a few things that really piss me off. Vegemite beers, i don’t get it like do you need to clean the line or like did someone put their toast plate in the glass washer? The venue looks like your usual north side dive, live music, looks a bit dirty, every1 is kewl. But for some reason this place just has the worst vibes. They don’t even play music in the beer garden. Its 2am on a Wednesday, I really don’t need the only noise to be the voice inside my head questioning my every life decision. GET SOME SPEAKERS OUT THERE.

Some people love it, don’t know why. Just give this one a miss.

xoxo beer girl


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