Heartbreaker Bar

This is one of my fav places in the city. they don’t have a beer garden so you have to smoke darts out on the street. i guess thats good because you smoke less but eh. its usually pretty busy but catch it when its quite and its the perfect place to play pool until 3am. They always have different beers on tap, i don’t know if i like that or not. I don’t like change so yeah i don’t like it. but apart from that its super cool. i love neon signs and low lights. best place for a hot date. you could go out for dumplings and then go here and play pool and hang out. omg it’d great.


Joe’s Shoe Store

The big bro or sis of Uncle Joe’s, this place is rly rly cool. Beer garden is amazing so big and happy and nice. They open late and have a few beers on tap. tbh I’ve only been here once and I don’t remember the night very much but I do remember liking the vibes of this place a lot. Someone told me they get food from next door and i think its pizza as well! so thats rly cool.

I was drinking gin and tonic all night so not much to say about the beers but the gin must have been pretty cheap for me to afford it haha

Maybe i’ll go back here after all my assessments are submitted (im trying not to go out until the end of tri (I’m writing this while hungover)) I wish I had more to say but maybe this is one you can figure out on your own. I believe in you.



The Alderman

This pub is pretty noice. Take ya bf, take ya tinder date or take ya mum. This is probably one the nicest places I go for a bev. They’ve only got one beer on tap but thats okay. The jugs are small but thats okay. It has an amazing beer garden that makes you feel safe. The staff have a stick up their bum most the time and they get a little cross if you haven’t finished your drink the second they close but apart from that its still a really nice place. They have a tiny menu with little nibbles on it that are a bit too much $$

Not my fav place but worth having a beer with a hottie there (or ur mum)


Uncle Joe’s

This place just opened up on Lygon St, roughly a 7 minute walk from my house. I love it. they do only have one beer on tap and they don’t serve pints but apart form that everything is perfect. It’s one of those places that you could take your hot date and they’d probably think you were pretty cool. You can order pizza from the place next door and they’ll bring it into the bar for you! It’s small and cosy and once the beer gardens flowers start to grow it’ll feel like home (I dunno if that is sad or not? but i like the idea of homely places you can consume alcohol).

Uncle Joe’s also rules because it introduced me to Joe’s Shoe Store, the bigger brother bar on High St, Northcote.  I’ll do a post of that soon!



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