Uncle Joe’s

This place just opened up on Lygon St, roughly a 7 minute walk from my house. I love it. they do only have one beer on tap and they don’t serve pints but apart form that everything is perfect. It’s one of those places that you could take your hot date and they’d probably think you were pretty cool. You can order pizza from the place next door and they’ll bring it into the bar for you! It’s small and cosy and once the beer gardens flowers start to grow it’ll feel like home (I dunno if that is sad or not? but i like the idea of homely places you can consume alcohol).

Uncle Joe’s also rules because it introduced me to Joe’s Shoe Store, the bigger brother bar on High St, Northcote.  I’ll do a post of that soon!




Edinburgh Castle

Okay so i’ve only been here once and it was sick. The beer garden is the best ever. First of all they have a ping pong table out there (cool), they have a shipping container thats turned into a stage kinda thing where local babes and dude-babes play fully sick tunes. For the non-smokers out there, they have a smoke free outside space. Although these tends to attract humans with smaller humans i think its pretty noice that places are making spaces for everyone. I didn’t order any food but my mates said it was tasty tasty. The beers and usual beer price and i’m guessing wine and stuff is usual wine and stuff price too.

The best thing about this place is its really close to my house.



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